Jails Go Vegetarian In Maricopa County, Arizona (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jails Go Vegetarian

A jail going vegetarian almost sounds like a progressive move -- perhaps the Meatless Mondays folks have made a strong impression?

But no, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's decision to serve no meat at the Maricopa County jails in Arizona is not motivated by health, environment or religious concerns. It is merely a cost-saving measure. Meat is being replaced by soy, reports FOX 10 in Arizona.

When FOX reporter Troy Hayden asks Arpaio if the "slop" looked appetizing, Arpaio responded that it looks great. "You're kidding, right," Hayden asked.

Arpaio claims that replacing meat with soy will save $100,000. "It looks like wood chips," said Hayden. After a taste, Arpaio claimed he still thinks its good. Hayden begged to differ.

Arpaio previously made headlines for trying to cut food costs in a different way -- by charging inmates for their meals.

Beautiful salads and fresh vegetables these meals are not, and by the looks of that soy product, prison meals still have a long way to go.

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