Marie Claire Praises Kendall Jenner For Rocking 'New Epic' Cornrows, Incites Twitter Outrage

Marie Claire Incites 'Epic' Twitter Outrage

Marie Claire found itself in the middle of a Twitter firestorm on Wednesday, after the magazine tweeted a picture of Kendall Jenner wearing her hair partially cornrowed and praising the style as being "bold" and "epic."

Try, epic mistake. There is nothing "new" about the plaits or anything "epic" about the way Kendall is rocking them. Cornrows have been around for ages and are credited most to the black community, which explains the intense outrage and hilarious hashtag (#EpicBraidLevels) that went viral immediately following Marie Claire's tweet.

Let's just say, Black Twitter is not to be messed with...

Why don't you go to an elementary school with black girls & tell me once again how Kendall Jenner started cornrows as a trend? @marieclaire

— ✰ (@ohitsbarbara) April 2, 2014

Bold. New. EPIC! If only @marieclaire called any of the millions of brown and black girls rocking braids these terms with regularity.

— Pia Glenn (@PiaGlenn) April 2, 2014

Marie Claire tweeted an apology two hours later, but the damage has already been done.

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