Marie Colvin Dead: Sunday Times Reporter Called Into Anderson Cooper's CNN Show on Tuesday (VIDEO)

Respected American war reporter Marie Colvin, who was killed in Homs, Syria on Wednesday, called into Anderson Cooper's CNN show just one day before her death.

Colvin, who had reported from the front lines of war for the Sunday Times for the past two decades, was killed in a shelling attack. She was in her 50s. French photographer Rémi Ochlik was also killed in the attack. Ochlik won a World Press Photo award earlier this month.

Cooper interviewed Colvin about the conditions in Homs and a child who was killed in the city. "We've seen many children die in this conflict," Cooper said of the uprisings in Syria. "To be there, what was that like?"

"The baby's death was just heartbreaking possibly because it was so quiet," Colvin responded. "The doctor said there's nothing we can was horrific. My heart just broke."

Colvin said there has been "constant shelling in the's chaos here." While Colvin spoke to Cooper, "AC360" producers ran footage of the child who was killed. Colvin said she thought it was deeply important for audiences who are "very far away" to see the images so they can understand the reality of the situation in Homs. "That baby probably will move more people to think, 'what is going on and why is no one stoping this murder in Homs that is happening every day?'"

Cooper said the regime in Syria has claimed it is only targeting terrorists. "It's a complete and utter lie that they're only going after terrorists," Colvin responded.

On Wednesday, Cooper tweeted about Colvin and her death.