Marie Kondo Tidies Up Jimmy Kimmel's Office And Finds A Cockroach

That definitely doesn't spark joy, Jimmy.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has many things to be thankful for but we’re pretty sure socks aren’t at the top of his list. Yet there was Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday expressing gratitude to several pairs for “always being there.”

The host wasn’t losing his mind. He was taking cues from decluttering guru Marie Kondo, who was helping him clean up his office.

Kondo, the star of Netflix’s “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” offered other suggestions for the admitted “slob” Kimmel, but at one point she and her interpreter were stopped dead in their tracks by a cockroach.

Gag or not, that definitely doesn’t spark joy, Jimmy.

Watch the full cleanup above.