Mariel Hemingway: Bob Fosse 'Literally Chased Me Around A Couch'

Mariel Hemingway Says She Rejected Bob Fosse's 'Advances'

Mariel Hemingway discusses Woody Allen's attempt to woo her at age 18 in her new memoir Out Came The Sun, but apparently Allen wasn't the only director who was smitten with the young actress.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Thursday, the author revealed that Bob Fosse also took an interest in her prior to directing the 1983 film "Star 80," in which she starred.

"[It was] far more of an advance [than Woody's]," she recounted. "Before we filmed he walked me to the hotel room, he took me into the hotel room, he literally chased me around a couch! I was working my way around it because I definitely knew he had interest [in me] that I was not interested in, and he said he'd never not."

Hemingway, then in her early 20s, still "loved" the esteemed choreographer and director, noting that she thought "he was an incredibly talented man." That didn't stop her, however, from coming to see that her experiences with men such as Fosse and Allen reflected an evil of Hollywood.

"It was an interesting thing," she recalled. "It dawned on me -- it's like, 'Oh wow, there's always this negotiation.'"

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