Marijuana Brownie Bake Sale For Prom Dress Funds Could Get Teen Deported

It was a half-baked idea from the beginning.

Police in Yuba City, Calif., say Saira Munoz tried to raise money for a high school prom dress last year with a bake sale, but she wasn't offering any old cookies and cakes. On Monday, Munoz was sentenced to four years probation and nine days in jail for selling marijuana-laced brownies. The scheme came to light when a student who ate one of the drug-filled treats got so sick he had to be taken to the hospital.

But Munoz, who was 18 at the time and is now 19, also faces another level of punishment, one that's far more severe: deportation.

Munoz came to the United States in 2000 with temporary permission, according to CBS Sacramento. And because she hired a minor to help sell the weed-laced brownies, her crime became a felony, which got the attention of the feds.

As a result, Munoz could be returned to her native Mexico.

Her former classmates say that's crossing the line.

“No, there’s people that deserve to be deported, and she just wasn’t one of them,” Carlos Robles, a friend, told CBS. “There’s people that do way worse.”

“She should not be deported for making weed brownies. I know lots of students who do that,” student Dursimrim Kalar told Fox40.

Munoz had no comment for local media.