If This Is Your Weed, Police In New Jersey Would Like You To 'Claim' It

Special delivery.

A high priority delivery gone wrong has police in New Jersey searching for the intended recipient of a 50 pound marijuana pacakge.

Authorities discovered the stash when a resident of Hazlet reported a suspicious parcel delivered to their home, they said. The resident was unfamiliar with the addressee and did not expect a delivery, so they called police.

Officers said they opened the packages while looking for a packing slip and found approximately 50 pounds of marijuana.

Now, they're using social media to invite the owner of this pot to step up.

"If you were expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to Police Headquarters," authorities wrote on Facebook.

Is this yours? Police want to know.
Is this yours? Police want to know.
Hazlet Township Police Department

Hazlet Detective Lt. Ted Wittke said the loot could be worth $100,000, depending on the strand of marijuana.

"Whoever packaged these definitely took quite a bit of time and energy to mask anything that was detectable," he told The Asbury Park Press.

So if you're looking for this weed, the police have it.

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