10 Marijuana Edibles That Could Pass As 'Real' Food

Marijuana business owners -- or ganjapreneurs -- are nothing if they aren't innovative.

The legalization of marijuana -- be it medical or recreational -- in more than 20 states across the U.S. has inspired a new industry: marijuana-infused food products.

People choose to eat pot-infused treats for a variety of reasons. For some medical marijuana patients, it can be the simplest or healthiest way for them to benefit from the drug. For the recreational user, it can be a discreet and delicious way to enjoy marijuana.

Marijuana business owners -- or ganjapreneurs -- are nothing if they aren't innovative, and this collection of ten sneaky pot treats disguised as everyday snacks from Marijuana.com show just how clever the industry can be.

The Kif-Kat Bar
The Kif-Kat bar was a pot-infused candy that attracted people with more than just a sweet tooth. According to WeedMaps.com, in 2007 the DEA cracked down on this edible company, putting an end to this branding rip-off "lawsuit waiting to happen." (photo via WeedMaps.com)
The Krondike Bar
If people in the '80s were making "monkey sounds" for a Klondike bar, what would they do for a Krondike bar?The Krondike bar is a marijuana-infused ice cream product available in a variety of flavors including: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mint.(Photo via WeedMaps.com)
Benilla Wafers
A cookie that packs much more than just vanilla flavoring, the Bennilla Wafer has a spicy/earthy flavor, according to WeedPhotos.com.(Photo via WeedMaps.com)
Dixie Chills
A medical marijuana ice cream product, that contains "over 80 mg of active cannabinoids per 3.5 ounce container." The product is lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. Dixie Chills come in chocolate and vanilla flavors.(Photo via WeedMaps.com)
The Kush Cake Pop
Who doesn't like cake on a stick?! These cakes come with a colorful outer frosting shell covered in sprinkles and are infused with pot.They come in a variety of flavors including, "Blue Dream Purple Haze, Strawberry Cough and Chocolate Thai" and many more, according to HailMaryJane.com.(Photo via WeedMaps.com)
Caramel Potcorn
The perfect treat for Fall, Mama Leary's marijuana-infused caramel corn is for adults only.(photo via WeedMaps.com)
A clever way to avoid a lawsuit and a delicious pot-filled baked treat with 100 mg of THC in every bag.(Photo via WeedMaps.com)
Jolly Gems
A marijuana take on the classic "Jolly Rancher," just call them the "Stoney Rancher." They come in both hard and chewy form.(photo via WeedMaps.com)
Hash Honey
Honey on toast is a breakfast classic, but this honey packed with 1000 mg of high grade hash might make you late for just about everything else the rest of the day (or week).(Photo via WeedMaps.com)
BBQ Sauce
Want your chicken wings to really pop? Sweet with a little tang, Kushtown's triple strength barbecue sauce will take your next backyard cookout to new highs. (photo via WeedMaps.com)

All product photos appear courtesy of WeedMaps.com. All products can be found via WeedMaps' search engine

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