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10 Ways Legal Marijuana Could Change The Food World In The Next 10 Years

Over the past decade, the culinary world has started to pick up a faint whiff of marijuana smoke. Famous, reputable chefs across the country have copped to their love of marijuana, and its utility in their creative processes. Because weed makes food taste better! Even science says so.

Meanwhile, the business of edible marijuana products has become increasingly sophisticated as more states have moved to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use.

National support for marijuana legalization has been growing rapidly for years, and many believe it will only continue to do so going forward. Many experts believe that more states, including California, will likely legalize recreational marijuana within the next few years. As that trend continues, it will inevitably collide with the food movement, which is also growing stronger by the day.

So in honor of The Huffington Post's 10th anniversary, we've come up with 10 ways that the normalization of marijuana could change the food world in the next 10 years, arranged from most to least likely. Many of these are well-founded in trends that have already become evident, and others are more speculative. If you have more ideas, or disagree with any of the ones we've come up with, say so in the comments!

10 Ways Legal Marijuana Could Change The Food World In The Next 10 Years
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