Marijuana Legalization Supported By 46% Of Colorado Voters: 9News/Denver Post Poll

46% of likely Colorado biters support the legalization of marijuana, according to a 9 News/Denver Post poll released on Monday.

The poll, which was conducted by Survey USA, asked 800 Coloradans: "The state already allows medical use of marijuana. What are your views on legalization?"

46% responded that they supported legalization, while 43% opposed it. The idea of legalizing marijuana was far more popular among Democrats, 61% of whom would like to see the plant legalized, than Republicans, who oppose such a measure 62%-30%.

In 2009, Democratic strategists researching ways to boost voter turnout in the 2012 election found that key Democratic voters would be more likely to vote if there were a legalization initiative on the ballot.

Medical marijuana advocates are also planning a legalization initiative for 2012.

The results of the Survey USA poll, which was conducted October 19-21, roughly square with a Rasmussen poll taken in May, which determined that 49% in Colorado favored "legalizing and taxing" marijuana.

A legalization initiative in 2006 was defeated 61-38.