Woman Says Marijuana-Laced Pizza Sent Boy To Hospital

It's conceivable that someone, somewhere, thinks that putting pot-laced mushrooms on a pizza is a grand idea. Fair enough, but don't serve it to unsuspecting kids.

Grandmother Ava Farley told KCAL that she started feeling strange after eating pizza that she got from a Los Angeles restaurant. But her 10-year-old grandson, Clintay, reacted significantly worse.

“He started cussing, going off, talking crazy, ran out the door butt naked,” Farley told the station. She took the boy to the emergency room, where doctors said the Clintay's urine tested positive for marijuana. Farley also tested positive, according to Consumerist.

Farley suspects the mushrooms in the pizza were laced, since her granddaughters picked them out and didn't have any reaction. She filed a criminal complaint, but police have yet to investigate.

The owner of the pizza place was shocked to learn about the allegations.

"That’s incredible, because nobody smokes marijuana right here," Eduardo Selbereo told KCAL.

Pot and pizza have allegedly crossed paths before. This past Christmas a worker at a Detroit pizza restaurant got what he described as a brand-name candy bar from a customer as a holiday gift. When he ate it, he felt like the room started spinning. He later tested positive for marijuana.



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