Marijuana Sasquatch Crashes Meteorologist's Live Report

We're forecasting HIGH winds.

A pot shop owner in Springfield, Massachusetts, is getting a big hit of viral buzz after dressing up as a marijuana Sasquatch and crashing a live TV weather report.

Dave Mech runs Potco, a gardening supply store catering to cannabis cultivators. One of his promotional tools is a costumed character named “Potsquatch,” a bud-loving Bigfoot-type creature with marijuana leaves all over him.

When Mech saw WWLP meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei setting up for a live weather report on Thursday, he decided to smoke up some publicity by walking in the background.

“I was in my store waiting for some people from New York and I saw them setting up,” Mech told The Huffington Post. “I saw the bushes behind them and it was just too perfect.”

That’s a matter of opinion since Potsquatch managed to fall twice during his brief brush with TV fame. 

Mech is happy with the results though.

“At one point, I had 1,000 hits on the video and thought, ‘Cool,’” Mech said. “I came back and it was at half a million.”

And, remember, hits of any kind are appreciated by a pot enthusiast.

It remains to be seen if Potsquatch’s glory is fleeting, but Mech is considering rushing a line of T-shirts to market.

Meanwhile, Boston Globe writer Steve Annear joked that as long as Potsquatch is only covered in one ounce of marijuana, there should be no problem with police.



The Legend of Bigfoot Continues