Even More Marijuana Super Bowl Ads Remind Everyone That Weed Is Safer Than Alcohol

There's a Super Bowl battle being waged outside New Jersey's MetLife Stadium -- and it's not between Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks fans -- it's between rival marijuana groups, and it's getting heated. The "Stoner Bowl" has officially begun.

Marijuana Policy Project, which has already erected five massive pro-marijuana billboards around MetLife Stadium encouraging the NFL to stop punishing its players who test positive for smoking pot, is launching yet another in response to a new billboard from anti-pot group Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) that essentially says using marijuana will make you lose at life.

“The folks working to keep marijuana illegal appear to have run out of compelling arguments,” said MPP's communications director Mason Tvert in a statement. “They are now just acknowledging that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and telling people they will be losers if they make the safer choice. If [SAM founder former Rep. Patrick] Kennedy is concerned about public health and safety, and he knows that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, why does he prefer adults drink?” Tvert added. “Our society recognizes that adults should have the right to consume alcohol responsibly. Prohibiting those same adults from using a less harmful substance is not a very smart approach to marijuana.”

MPP's new billboard, a spoof of SAM's latest, challenges the notion that alcohol is safer than marijuana by listing common issues associated with heavy alcohol use including overdose-related deaths and violent crimes. It then contrasts that view with a photo of a marijuana leaf and the phrase "None of the Above", highlighting the fact that, to this day, no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose.

In conjunction with the pro-marijuana billboards, MPP also delivered a petition with more than 12,000 signatures to NFL headquarters in New York City this week calling on the league to change its marijuana policy.

Here's a look at MPP's latest billboard which will go up just after midnight (ET) on Friday:

marijuana super bowl

Here's another new MPP billboard going after recent remarks made by Kennedy where he said on CNN that he agrees with the president that "alcohol is more dangerous" than marijuana:

marijuana super bowl

Here's the original SAM billboard that MPP is challenging:

marijuana super bowl

And here are all of MPP's other billboards, currently on display alongside New Jersey highways, below:








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