This Is What Really Goes Down At A 'Weed Wedding'

This Is What Really Goes Down At A 'Weed Wedding'

Thinking of throwing a weed-ing? You're not alone. Recent trend pieces on the matter (like this one and this one) are bringing this nuptial practice to the forefront. But is it all cannabis bouquets and "special" wedding cakes?

Not quite. In Colorado, where marijuana has been legal since 2012, weed has been slow to become an integral part of the Rocky Mountain State's weddings.

"I want to be honest: There aren't giant weed weddings happening out here," Jane West, founder of Edible Events Co. in Colorado, told The Huffington Post "It's not like people are getting married and taking big hits from the bong while the pastor's standing there."

West's company specializes in events where cannabis is consumed, and she said she's only gotten a handful of inquiries from brides and grooms. While stories of grooms in "bud-tonnieres" and seating assignment cards placed on tiny marijuana plants might be entertaining to imagine, they're not the norm.

But marijuana is still turning up at weddings, just in subtler manner, with couples and attendees getting their THC fix in less formalized, discreet ways.

"A lot of times brides and grooms come in to dispensaries to buy pre-rolled joints -- that's a popular item for wedding weekends," West said. "Instead of going with paraphernalia, they just come in and get 20 pre-rolled joints for their whole weekend. It's not something that's a blatant part of ceremonies. It's more just an added benefit of having your wedding in the state of Colorado."

We decided to talk to some brides and grooms and see how marijuana really made their wedding days extra "special." Check out their stories below and tell us yours in the comments section.


Art by Noelle Campbell

"Our friends all smoke weed, so they just brought it with them. It wasn’t a plan or anything. It was pretty hidden, though, because our grandparents don’t really know about weed or how to smoke it. Out of respect for them, we went off into a wooded area and smoked there. My parents smoke, too, but they don’t smoke with me -- there’s still a weird boundary there. I wasn’t really worried about smoking. It’s my wedding and I’m an adult. Obviously, I’m allowed to make my own decisions at that point, I would hope."
-Kelli, married in New York in 2011

"We had a lot of out of town family that weren’t in San Diego, so we had a hospitality suite for all of our guests, where they could just come up and hang out. I came in a couple of hours after the party and the whole place smelled. The whole room was just reeking like a joint. I looked around and it was an aunt and uncle, two family friends, my mom and dad, my brother and three or four cousins -- all adults -- and they were all obviously stoned. I went back to my room and actually grabbed some more and packed another bowl. It was fun just sitting there with my aunt and uncle and dad and doing something that's a little taboo. We all got in a really good mood and had interesting conversations, either about getting married or significant others. I got married at 23, so it was a big topic if we were getting married too young. It lightened everything up a bit, especially with all of the stress that comes with planning a wedding."
-Jake, married in California in 2011

Art by Noelle Campbell

"Almost all of my friends use medical marijuana, because it’s legal in California. At the time, I didn’t have my 215, but in California, anything less than an ounce is a misdemeanor. So it wasn’t a big deal. When I was getting ready for the ceremony, I smoked marijuana while my best friend did my hair. We got married in South Lake Tahoe, and we had a reception at this restaurant on the marina that had plate glass windows. So we thought, ‘Oh we’ll just sit on this rock down here and smoke,’ since it was away from everything -- we were trying to be considerate. When I turned around to look at the balcony, I could see all of the guests waving at us and laughing. I was just sitting there, smoking in my wedding dress."
-Denise, married in California in 2002

"We were married in Colorado, where it's legal now, so we asked a friend to man a weed bar for us. He rolled some pretty funny joints, like a tulip, which I'd never seen before, and we mostly used vaporizers. I don't think anyone was too surprised, but we tried to warn all of the people who we thought had the chance to be offended. The funny part is that most of the older people in my parents' generation, the Baby Boomers, were very into it. All of our parents were totally into it. We actually ended the night with more pot than we purchased for the wedding, because basically every single person went to a store the moment they landed to buy more pot than they could ever smoke. They thought, 'I'll just bring it to the wedding.' We could've literally bought none, and it would've worked just as well. But since we're from San Francisco, all of that weed wasn't very useful to us at the end of the night."
-Jenny, married in Colorado in 2014

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