Marilyn Hagerty Olive Garden Review Aftermath Continues With Trip To New York, Media Appearances

Viral Olive Garden Review Keeps On Rolling

Apparently, people cannot get enough of Marilyn Hagerty. After her positive review of the new Grand Forks, North Dakota Olive Garden went viral, Hagerty became an overnight sensation.

She appeared on the "Today Show" and "Good Morning America." Her son James Hagerty, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal wrote a sweet story about his 85-year old mother and her runaway success. "If you see my mom, please tell her to look at the front page of today's Wall Street Journal," he tweeted.

Despite the heavy amount of snark (and then backlash to the snark) that the review received, Marilyn's hometown paper, the Grand Forks Herald, is taking it all in stride. The Herald is sending Marilyn to New York where she will eat at Le Bernardin (thanks to Anthony Bourdain), Eric Ripert's homage to high-quality seafood.

HuffPost Food wishes Marilyn a pleasant trip and an excellent meal -- the fluke in the jalapeno-lime broth is a winner.

UPDATE: Marilyn is in the Big Apple and has already visited The New York Times and eaten a dirty-water dog.

UPDATE #2: Marilyn recaps her first day in a video, explaining that she thinks she ended up in New York due to some kind of "virus, or I went viral." She also had a dinner at Dovetail. She thought it was one of the best meals she's ever had.

UPDATE #3: Marilyn's visit to New York has come to an end after her grand finale meal at Le Bernardin (not to mention Shake Shack). Check here for her recaps. We doubt this will be the last we hear from Marilyn though -- Anthony Bourdain tweeted that he's "thinking about doing a Grand Forks show."

UPDATE #4, March 20: Marilyn is back in North Dakota. Here are some photos of her dinner at Le Bernardin.

Watch the "Today Show" clip below.

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