Marilyn Hagerty, Famous Olive Garden Reviewer, Offers Restaurant Advice On 'Anderson'

North Dakota's most famous food critic, Marilyn Hagerty, had a grand tour of New York last week after her Olive Garden review went viral and the Grand Forks Herald decided to send her to the Big Apple. Marilyn stopped by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and made appearances on the "Today Show" and "Anderson," where it looks like she had a grand old time.

In the first clip, Marilyn goes to Crown restaurant in New York (making chef John DeLucie quite nervous) and is shocked by the $36 price tag for scallops. She starts with a beet salad and says, "I do get excited about some things, but not salad." But once the scallops arrive, she says, "It's more like Thanksgiving and Christmas all put together on one plate.

In another clip, she offers some tips for how to save money at restaurants. Marilyn advises not to have all the courses that are offered and to drink water instead of paying $1.50 or $2 for a beverage. She thinks that dessert is worth skipping. "Do you really need it," she asks. "I think a lot of people over-order," she believes.

The most exciting moment on the show happened when Anderson told Marilyn, "I know you liked eating at the Olive Garden but I wanted you to experience Italian food actually made in Italy." That's right -- Marilyn is going on a cruise to Italy thanks to Celebrity Cruises!

For more clips, head on over to the Grand Forks Herald.

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