Marilyn Manson Abused And Threatened To Kill His Now-Wife, Former Assistant Says

Dan Cleary said he witnessed Manson "pushing" Lindsay Usich and "throwing things at her" when he worked for the rocker in 2014 and 2015.

Marilyn Manson repeatedly subjected his now-wife, photographer Lindsay Usich, to physical and emotional abuse, one of the rocker’s former personal assistants said in a recent podcast episode.

Dan Cleary, co-host of the comedy podcast “Rare Form Radio,” said he witnessed Manson push Usich, throw things at her and threaten to kill her when Cleary worked for the musician in 2014 and 2015.

“I saw some physical abuse as far as like pushing and throwing things at her and a lot of like violent outbursts around her ― breaking things,” Cleary said in an episode released to paid subscribers on Tuesday. “A lot of mental abuse and name-calling and threats.”

“There were times when Manson would tell her that he’s going to kill her and cut her up and that I’m going to bury her in the desert ― me,” Cleary added. “He would leave the room and I would [tell her], ‘You’re going to be fine. I’m not going to do any of that. Let’s get you to a hotel.’”

Cleary didn’t name Usich during the podcast but referred to the woman as Manson’s “then-girlfriend” and “now-wife.” Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, revealed in October 2020 that he married Usich earlier that year.

Lindsay Usich and Marilyn Manson attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Feb. 9, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California.
Lindsay Usich and Marilyn Manson attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Feb. 9, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California.
Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

Earlier this month, actor Evan Rachel Wood and at least four other women simultaneously came forward with allegations of abuse against Manson. The accusations included torture, psychological abuse and sexual assault, and prompted a cascade of assault and harassment claims from additional women.

Manson, 52, has denied the allegations, calling them “horrible distortions of reality” and claiming his “intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual.”

Usich, 36, has not publicly addressed the allegations against her husband. HuffPost was unable to immediately reach a representative for her.

Wood, who dated Manson on-and-off for four years until 2010, said earlier this month that she had filed a police report against Usich in December 2020. In an Instagram post, she accused Usich of attempting to “blackmail” her.

Cleary first spoke out against Manson in September 2020, tweeting that the musician’s “immediate circle” is aware that he’s mistreated women. In his podcast this week, Cleary said that he “very much” regrets not coming forward sooner.

“I mean I spoke to his manager about it, but the manager seemed to know all that and didn’t really care a lot,” Cleary said. “Everyone in his world ... knew what was up and no one seemed to be concerned very much, and so neither did I. That’s on me.”

“There’s people saying that I’m complicit because I saw this stuff happening and I didn’t do anything and I’ll accept that,” he said. “There is some truth in that.”

During his podcast, Cleary said he met Wood while working on Manson’s “Rape of the World” tour in 2007 and 2008. He said that the rocker was dating Wood and that she was “very sweet” at the beginning of the tour but “changed a lot over the course of the year.”

“Her demeanor changed,” Cleary said. “Her physical looks changed. She got skinnier. She got ― her whole like aura just became darker.”

Cleary said he believes “a lot more” allegations against Manson will surface in time and tore into those Manson fans who have been attacking the women who have already come forward. He also alleged that Manson had “spyware” set up at his house and would surreptitiously videotape his guests.

“I don’t care how big of a fan you are of anybody, you have no idea what they’re like at home,” he added. “You have no idea what they’re like when the cameras aren’t rolling or when they’re not on stage. We don’t know what our best friends are like behind closed doors. Let’s not pretend because you saw Manson play in ’95 that he wouldn’t rape somebody or beat somebody in 2009.”

In statements responding to the string of public allegations, actor Rose McGowan, who was engaged to Manson for two years until 2001, and dancer Dita Von Teese, who was married to Manson for two years until 2007, suggested that he did not abuse them during their respective relationships but expressed support for his accusers. McGowan and Von Teese have said they left Manson because of his drug use. Von Teese also alleged infidelity.

Several state legislators have called on the FBI to investigate the abuse and sexual assault allegations against Manson.

“If these allegations are true, and no investigation is undertaken, we will be failing the victims and allowing a possible perpetrator to continue abusing unsuspecting victims,” California state Sen. Susan Rubio (D) said in a letter to the Justice Department in January. “That must not be allowed to happen.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Manson and Usich married in October 2020. In fact, Manson announced in October that he married Usich earlier that year.

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