Marilyn Monroe Pictures Up For Auction (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

WATCH: The Undiscovered Marilyn Monroe Pictures

Extraordinary lost photos of Marilyn Monroe have surfaced, showing how the star really looked before she hit fame and blossomed into a Hollywood icon.

The images show a 20-year-old actress by the name of "Norma Jean," the first image taken from her very first photo shoot in 1946.

Back then, Norma Jean was a youthful brunette woman, a far cry from the blonde bombshell image in classic films like "Gentleman Prefer Blondes."

The rare photos were recently approved for auction and will go up for sale shortly. It's a timely find, as hype (including a Vogue cover) has been building for Michelle Williams' upcoming turn as Monroe in "My Week With Marilyn."

How many millions do you think the Norma Jean photos will fetch?


PHOTOS: 20-year-old Norma Jean:

early marilyn monroe photos

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