Michelle Williams 'My Week With Marilyn' Poster Released; Williams Glams It Up As Marilyn (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Michelle Williams Glams It Up As Marilyn Monroe

It's a well-known fact that biopics are particularly difficult and audiences are particularly skeptical.

Of course, for a woman who is still regarded as the most coveted of all screen goddesses, the pressure to deliver is sky-high.

In the first poster for the highly-anticipated, "My Week With Marilyn," Michelle Williams plays it straight-up and unadulterated starlet.

Here the "Blue Valentine" star is platinum-haired behind oversized glasses and looking beyond the crowd of adoring fans.

Many have tried to pull off the look, but from the poster, Williams looks like spitting image of the famous sex symbol.

Do you think there will be a performance to match?



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