Marina Abramovic's Birthday: Celebrating The Performance Artist With A Survey Of Tears (PHOTOS)

It's Marina Abramovic's birthday today, and we're celebrating by shedding tears.

The "grandmother of performance art" would likely embrace the gesture, given the hundreds of weeping visitors she faced during her 2010 cry-fest MoMA retrospective, "The Artist is Present." Who could forget Girls star Jemima Kirke sitting in the chair opposite of Ms. Abramovic, bawling her eyes out with the intensity of someone watching "The Notebook" for the very first time? Or the 1,500 other fans who visited the artist during her 736 hour, 30 minute endurance performance, only to sob once they encountered her for the first time?

marina abramovic birthday
(AP Photo/Rio Film Festival)

Naturally, we can't imagine a better way to celebrate the artist's 66th birthday than a slideshow of people in tears. In honor of the big day, we used images from Italian photographer Marco Anelli's latest book, "Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic," which was released in September. These images can also be seen on the popular Tumblr, titled, "Marina Abramovic Made Me Cry."

From quivering lip to quivering lip, the images of criers are full of both the ugly and more beautiful reactions to gazing into Marina's eyes. We expect the slideshow below will please any Lesley Gore fan, so let loose and have yourself have a good cry today in honor of an art legend.

People Crying In The Presence Of Marina Abramovic

Scroll through the slides below and let us know how you are celebrating the enigmatic lady's birthday in the comments section.

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