Mario Cantone Reveals How Social Media Got Him To Play 'The Mooch'

The actor-comedian has harsh words for Donald Trump, however.

Mario Cantone won raves for portraying a former member of President Donald Trump’s administration, but all in all, the actor-comedian is grateful that his time doing so was brief. 

The 57-year-old dropped by the New York-based podcast “The Sex Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll Show” last week for an intimate and, at times, explicit chat about politics. In it, Cantone opened up about how social media helped him land the role of ousted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on Comedy Central’s “The President Show.” 

“I was in bed one day extremely depressed, which is my usual day. Someone tweeted a picture of the two of us, and then someone else did it, and then someone else did it, and then I retweeted it, which has no power, by the way,” Cantone told hosts Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson. “And then Anthony [Atamanuik], who plays Trump on ‘The President Show,’ asked me to do it, and I said OK.” 

Scaramucci, or “The Mooch,” was also memorably spoofed by actor-comedian Bill Hader on “Saturday Night Live,” but named Cantone’s portrayal as his favorite. 

Cantone, who is best known for playing Charlotte York’s wedding planner and gay pal, Anthony, on “Sex and the City,” said Scaramucci’s reasoning was simple: “We’re both Italian.”

Later in the chat, Cantone had harsher words for Trump himself. “He’s terrible,” he said. “His ideas, what he represents, what he really thinks and that he actually says it is fucking horrifying.” 

To listen to the full “Sex Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll Show” interview with Mario Cantone, head here

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