Mario Gallegos, Deceased Texas Politician, Wins Re-election

Deceased Texas state senator Mario Gallegos defeated opponent R.W. Bray in Texas's District 6. Under Texas law, Gallegos's name was required to remain on the ballot as he died within 74 days of the election.

By all accounts, the heavily Democratic District 6 voters had no intentions of handing the seat over to the Republican challenger. Gallegos's wife claims that Gallegos himself had expressed the hope that, even in his absence, the seat would remain Democratic. Gallegos's family also made a substantial effort, as they had on his behalf in earlier elections.

Gallegos was best known for taking up causes near and dear to the Hispanic community in a 22-year career in the Texas legislature. A former fire-fighter, Gallegos was also prone to controversy, drawing fire from critics for inserting race into legislative arguments.

In his last election in 2004, he won with over 90 percent of the vote. He passed away in October from complications due to liver disease.

Governor Rick Perry will now have to call for a special election to fill Gallegos's vacant seat.



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