Mario Lopez Paints Himself Gold For New Underwear Ad

By Michael Lopez

A while back, we mentioned how Mario Lopez was in the midst of launching his own underwear line. Well, Rated M has arrived and now the Extra host is working hard to keep it in the public eye. So much so, that he painted himself gold for a new ad campaign.

Sharing pictures of his heavily-bronzed body, Mario stripped down to his skivvies to promote M's "Malo" offshoot. Assuming these briefs are for the bad boys, Lopez gave some gruff poses for the camera.

"Malo is all about "masculine with an edge," he tweeted during the shoot .

And to help get his point across, Mario sent out 30 different pix of his bare chest and "golden" physique He also made sure to hype "Malo's" family-friendly qualities, posing with fiancée Courtney Mazza and baby daughter Gia.

Check out some photos here.

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