Learn To Draw, Paint And Print Like Famous Artists, With An Activity Book For Adults

Who says activity books are for kids? Illustrator Marion Deuchars is proving that a dictate to draw, paint or print can be just as alluring for adults as they can be for the adolescent crowd. Her graphic masterpiece, Draw Paint Print Like Great Artists, tackles the creative block beast by offering up the go-to techniques of some of art history's biggest icons. From Gustav Klimt to Frida Kahlo, Philip Guston to Joan Miro, Katsushika Hokusai to Paul Klee, the coloring book gives you tips and tricks to mastering everything from gilded patterns and pop screen prints.

"Every artist learns by looking at the work created by others, and then picks up bits of that and makes their own art in their own way," Deuchars attests. "It may be something as simple as using scissors rather than a pencil, or being fascinated by a new shape or a playful exercise to take your imagination somewhere unfamiliar."

Below is a preview of "Draw Paint Print Like Great Artists." With Deuchars' original illustrations, crafted in the style of the greats, it's a treat for any graphic nerd or creatively frustrated individual. Go ahead, let your inner artist/child get lost in Matisse's cut-outs. The book, recently published by Laurence King, is available here.

  • 1. Paint with scissors like Matisse
  • 2. Make a Self-Portrait like Frida
  • 3. Color Print like Andy Warhol
  • 4. Photomontage like Hannah Hoch
  • 5. Create Patterns like Gustav Klimt

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