The New Scoop on Calories From Two Eating Experts

It is my pleasure to introduce you to new books recently published by two fascinating, well-respected eating experts -- Barbara Rolls and Marion Nestle.
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It is my pleasure to introduce you to new books recently published by two fascinating, well-respected eating experts -- Barbara Rolls and Marion Nestle (coauthored by Malden Nesheim).

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The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet

The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, was written by Barbara Rolls PhD, a professor of nutritional science at Pennsylvania State University. She is the author of 250 research articles and six books. The Ultimate Volumentrics Diet is an update of her original book, Volumetrics which has been around for several years. The first edition is a book that I frequently recommended to my clients. The book shows people how to work with food to be fuller and more satisfied -- so don't let the word "diet" in the title scare you. Essentially, it visually displays how you can eat more food, rather than less. Her theory in a nutshell:

lowering the calorie density -- or calories per bite -- of food can help people feel full while eating fewer calories. For example, in one study, she and her colleagues found that by using Volumetrics principles to reduce calories per bite by 30 percent and serving size by 25 percent, participants ate 800 calories less per day and never missed them.

The new book is easy to read, has beautiful, appealing photos and has incorporated the latest research (in a user-friendly way). There are recipes and examples that remind you of "eat this, not that" but for your own kitchen. Thankfully, the recipes appear easy and doable for those who are not Julia Childs like steak and onions in a packet, three layer carrot cake and white turkey chili. If you liked the first edition, you will love the updates to an already sensible and helpful text.

Why Calories Matter: From Science to Politics

If you are interested in food, it is likely that you are already familiar with Marion Nestle. She recently coauthored, Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics with Malden Nesheim. Marion Nestle is a professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University. This book is great for students and scholars who want to learn the hard science on why we eat what we eat. There are interesting information such as "selected events in the history of calories" and frequently asked questions such as "Will frequently snacking help you lose weight?" and "Can I really burn 300 calories in 15 minutes?" Essentially, this book will help dispel many of the commonly held myths we have about eating. An informative and interesting read for those who want to know the science behind calories, food and weight.

Thank you to these authors for writing books that will surely help bring us one step closer to mindful eating!

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