Marissa Alexander Could Be Thrown Back In Prison For Running Errands

Marissa Alexander Could Be Thrown Back In Prison For Running Errands

The Florida mom who lost a controversial "Stand Your Ground" case after firing what she called a warning shot at her abusive husband might be thrown in prison again if a judge rules she violated the strict terms of her release.

Prosecutors claim that Marissa Alexander violated the terms of her November in-home detention by shopping for clothes, driving family members to the airport, going to the bank and running other errands, the Florida Times-Union reported.

Alexander, 33, who is preparing for her March retrial, claims through her lawyers that the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office signed off on every trip, according to CNN.

Her first trial in 2012 drew national attention. A judge denied her argument that the single shot she fired near her estranged husband and stepchildren was legal under the state's controversial Stand Your Ground law. Instead, she was convicted of aggravated assault with a firearm.

No one was wounded in the shooting and the mother of three had a clean record. Mandatory sentencing rules, however, stipulated that she receive a 20-year sentence -- a penalty that many decried as excessive.

An appeals court ordered in September that she deserved a new trial, because the jury received improper instructions from the judge about proving self-defense.

Paying a $150,000 bond in November, Alexander was released and given home detention, according to station WAWS.

A judge will rule Friday on the prosecution's motion to put Alexander behind bars again.

“She continues to demonstrate her utter disregard for conforming her behavior to the rules ... [others] must abide by," state prosecutors wrote in a motion filed Tuesday.

Her lawyers argued that the prosecution wants Alexander locked up again, even though the state's attorneys were aware she obtained permission to run household errands, MSNBC said.

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