Marissa Mayer’s Pregnancy Is Irrelevant To The Parental Leave Conversation

She's in a unique position.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced Tuesday on her personal Tumblr account that she's pregnant and expects to deliver identical twin girls in December. 

Mayer wrote that she expects to work through her pregnancy and take "limited time away" from her job running a large tech company. She did the same after having her son three years ago, just months after joining Yahoo.

This makes sense for her.

Mayer's decision is largely irrelevant to the greater discussion on parental leave, since she has plenty of flexibility in her job as the CEO, the authority to build a nursery next to her office if she wants to, and the means to hire as much help as she might need.

Power and money obviate the need for workplace protections. When it comes to the need for parental leave, Mayer is the exception that proves the rule.