Marjorie Taylor Greene's Bill Targets Dr. Fauci In 'Fire Fauci Act'

The conspiracy-spewing lawmaker introduced legislation that was mocked by Rep. Ted Lieu.

Stripped of committee work for peddling conspiracy theories, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has turned to proposing frivolous bills.

The QAnon-endorsing lawmaker on Thursday introduced a bill that would reduce the salary of Dr. Anthony Fauci to $0. She called it the “Fire Fauci Act” ― yet another Republican attack on the nation’s leading infectious disease expert.

Greene proposed that the paycheck elimination for Fauci, a pandemic adviser under President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump, would continue until his replacement as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is “confirmed by the Senate.”

However, the job is not subject to Senate confirmation, Politico reporter Andrew Desiderio pointed out. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Ca.) picked up on the observation and called Greene’s bill “stupid, nonsensical.”

Greene fired back at Desiderio on Twitter, saying her bill proposes Senate confirmation for the position.

The lawmaker also touted her “We Will Not Comply Act” in a news release that called Fauci “Dr. Always Wrong.” That measure would allow people who refuse to wear masks to sue if they have “been discriminated against,” and would bar businesses “from discriminating against a person based on their COVID-19 vaccine status.”

Neither bill is likely to advance in the Democratic-controlled House.

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