Marjorie Taylor Greene Addresses ‘Gazpacho Police’ Gaffe, Makes The Mockery Worse

The extremist Georgia Republican evoked Donald Trump's "covfefe" tweet as a defense and faced a new round of ridicule.

Extremist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Friday addressed the dayslong mockery she received for her “gazpacho police” gaffe, receiving even more ridicule in response.

The conspiracy theorist used her congressional account on Twitter to attempt to spin the embarrassing error — in which she confused the name of Adolf Hitler’s secret police, the Gestapo, for the chilled soup — into an attack on President Joe Biden.

“Some of us slip up a word every now and then, but Joe Biden doesn’t even know the words coming out of his mouth practically all the time,” she wrote, trotting out a well-worn right-wing talking point about the president.

Greene then evoked one of former President Donald Trump’s more bizarre posts on the platform, writing: “So in the famous words of some one I hold dear.. Covfefe!”

Critics doubted Greene’s explanation, with some also questioning why she was tweeting in the first place given how her personal account was banned in January over violations of Twitter’s COVID-19 standards. Twitter did not nix her congressional account, which she continues to use to attack opponents.

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