Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Brutal Fact-Check After Bizarre New Insurrection Claim

The conspiracy theorist lawmaker has a wild idea about what constitutes an insurrection.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is getting fact-checked on social media after making a bizarre comparison between the Jan. 6 mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol in 2021 and the scene at the inauguration two weeks later.

“When they came to Washington and protested all of you called it an insurrection,” Greene told reporters, referring to the Jan. 6 crowd that attempted to block Congress and keep Donald Trump in office despite losing the election.

“And then when Joe Biden was inaugurated and this entire Capitol complex was surrounded with 30,000 National Guard troops, none of you stood there and called that an insurrection,” she said. “Oh no. You all stayed silent.”

Green, a conspiracy theorist who in 2022 spoke at a white nationalist event, has repeatedly downplayed the Jan. 6 attack, praised the rioters, visited some of them in jail and called them “political prisoners.”

She and other Republicans in Congress introduced a resolution declaring that Trump didn’t commit an act of insurrection as the Supreme Court considers whether his actions on Jan. 6 could keep him off the 2024 ballot, as even some conservative legal scholars have argued.

But her attempt to compare the violent mob to the inauguration didn’t fly on social media:

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