Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Bizarre New Theory On Why White Men Love Porn

This one's a wild ride — even for her.

Conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) says white men are turning to porn and video games because discrimination has left them with few other options.

“I believe that white men are the most persecuted identity in America,” the extremist lawmaker told a podcaster. Young white men, she continued, “are put bottom on the list of so many things.”

She complained that “white men are passed over for any kind of promotion or even for being hired in the job place.”

That gripe is not backed by the facts.

However, Greene claimed this has left white men “lost,” feeling “hopelessness,” and living in broken homes.

Without jobs or playing sports, “they spend time, hours and hours, alone,” which she said “turns them to all kinds of bad things: Porn on the internet, reading crazy stuff in chatrooms — and God knows who’s in there and saying what they’re saying — a lot of time playing video games.”

She then rambled on about transgenderism, feminism, a plot to depopulate the planet, teachers, ADHD treatments and antidepressants.

“Then we see them go and do these horrible things, unthinkable things, school shootings, or shootings out in public,” she said. “It is a failure of our society that these things are happening.”

That’s a lot to unpack ― but many on Twitter couldn’t get past Greene’s bizarre new explanation for porn:

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