Dem Lawmaker Schools Marjorie Taylor Greene In Takedown For The Ages

The conspiracy theorist lawmaker gets a basic lesson in civics during a tense House floor exchange.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) suggested that Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) was confused because of her age during a snarky moment on the House floor on Tuesday night.

Turns out the only one confused was Greene ― and DeLauro was happy to step in and clear things up for her.

Greene, a conspiracy theorist who spoke last year at a white nationalist event, attacked DeLauro for warning of a possible government shutdown.

“My Democrat colleague across the aisle, who’s 80 years old and has been here over 30 years, just said we’re on the verge of a shutdown,” Greene said. “She probably just forgot that a few hours ago, she voted for the continuing resolution that will extend the budget, and we are not on the verge of a shutdown.”

The House indeed passed a budget resolution potentially averting a shutdown, but DeLauro pointed out what most kids learn in grade school: that’s just one step in a bill’s journey to becoming a law.

“It may be that the gentlelady doesn’t know that there is another body attached to the U.S. Congress called the United States Senate,” DeLauro said. “And they have to vote on the continuing resolution.”

And after that, the president has to sign it.

“That may be a basic lesson in civics,” DeLauro noted. “There is the House. There is the Senate. And there is the president.”

DeLauro also chided Greene and other Republicans who “quite frankly don’t understand the process of government.”

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