Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Trump Supporters Didn't Storm Capitol

The extremist lawmaker's twisted reasoning on Twitter sets her further on the far-right fringe.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) spouted yet another unhinged conspiracy theory on Tuesday, writing that Donald Trump supporters could not have attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 because the invaders interrupted Republicans objecting to the election results.

“The attack RUINED our objection that we spent weeks preparing for, which devastated our efforts on behalf of Trump and his voters,” she wrote on Twitter.

In a stunning thread, the QAnon-supporting first-term lawmaker asserted that the attack targeted both parties, so how could Trump followers be involved? Her bonkers defense apparently was all in the name of exonerating the former president, facing his second impeachment trial Tuesday for allegedly inciting the deadly insurrection.

“Once again, Trump is the victim of the never ending hate fueled witch hunt” by Democratic media that has “brainwashed” the masses, she wrote despite a new study indicating that the rioters who were arrested were largely pro-Trump activists.

Greene, who in the past has claimed that school shootings were staged “false flag” events and that 9/11 was an inside job (though she attempted to walk back some of her statements last week), was recently removed from committee duty by the House for her extremist views.

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