Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Called Out To Her Face During Congressional Hearing

Greene also attacked trans people during a bizarre rant in Congress.

Conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) attempted to question a witness during a congressional hearing on a subject Republicans branded as “left-wing organized violence” on Tuesday.

But she may have gotten more than she was expecting with the reply.

Greene began by mispronouncing the name of the witness, Amy Spitalnick, a senior adviser on extremism at the human rights organization Human Rights First. Then, Greene suggested that abortion providers are the true “white supremacists,” pausing mid-rant to attack Spitalnick.

“You think this is funny, Miss Spitalnick? Is this funny to you?” she asked. “Is babies being murdered in the womb funny to you, because you’re smirking and laughing at me right now.”

Spitalnick fired back with a very serious response ― not about abortions, but the real threat of white supremacist violence.

“What’s not funny are the Black people and Hispanic people and Jewish people and Muslim people who have been murdered in synagogue, in church, in supermarkets, in mosque, by white supremacists,” she said.

“Are you aware that all-color people are murdered?” Greene replied. “That is a fact, that every single color person has been murdered. That’s not unusual. It’s not just that people of color are murdered, white people are murdered too.”

See more of the exchange below:

Greene also attacked trans people, claimed “trans terrorism” was motivating mass shooters, and took offense to the term “cisgender.”

Spitalnick later called her dealings with Greene and other extremist lawmakers “appalling.”

Greene, a close ally of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), last year spoke at a white nationalist event. She has downplayed the threat of white supremacist violence.

“White supremacy shouldn’t be the main target,” she said last year.

Greene has also pushed conspiracy theories about mass shootings, and last year implied that they could have been staged.

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