Diaper-Wearing Man Mark Anthony Richardson Sentenced To Three Years For Tricking Babysitters

Man Wore Diapers To Get Ladies' Attention Heads To Jail

Some guys will do anything for a little attention from the opposite sex.

Take Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. for example. An Oklahoma judge sentenced him to three years in prison for his ruse in which he wore diapers and faked being autistic to get babysitters to take care of him, the Oklahoman reported.

The 21-year-old Richardson must register as a sex offender, because he grabbed the breast of the 18-year-old daughter of one of the two nannies he conned, the Oklahoman said.

Richardson was also guilty of seven counts of public indecency for duping the babysitters into changing his soiled diapers.

There were few limits in his elaborate ploy to trick women into caring for him. Richardson drank baby formula from bottles and threw tantrums in front of the two sitters he hired via Craigslist ads, the Oklahoman reported when Richardson admitted his scheme in December.

The dirty scam is reminiscent of a New Hampshire man who pretended to have a brain injury to get a nurse to change his adult diapers. A so-called "Diaper Man" in Florida , who was sentenced to one year of community service last August, also feigned mental illness to lure nurses to his home to change his diapers.

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