'Truth Hurts': Arizona's Republican AG Tells Hecklers To 'Shut The Hell Up'

Trump has attacked Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich for not doing more to support his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Arizona’s Republican attorney general recently lashed out at hecklers who repeatedly interrupted him for not prosecuting 2020 election fraud cases more aggressively, telling them the “truth hurts.”

“I know people are upset. But you know what? We’re conservatives. The Constitution matters,” Mark Brnovich, who is running for U.S. Senate, said at a GOP primary debate in Phoenix on Thursday.

As he defended his office’s work to protect against election fraud, people continued to shout at him, leading him to tell the audience: “Please respect me and let me finish my answer.”

“If the truth hurts, then just shut the hell up, all right?” he added, according to AZ Central and footage from the event posted on social media.

Donald Trump endorsed one of Brnovich’s opponents, venture capitalist Blake Masters, earlier this month. The former president told supporters: “Blake knows that the ‘Crime of the Century’ took place. He will expose it and also, never let it happen again,” referring to the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

Trump also accused Brnovich of not supporting “clean and fair elections, or law and order” and called him a disappointment because he wouldn’t do more to fight the results.

Brnovich has continued to be deferential to Trump despite multiple attacks. Responding to Trump’s recent criticism, the Brnovich campaign said he intended to win the primary.

“We look forward to working with President Trump to defeat [incumbent Democratic Sen.] Mark Kelly this fall,” the campaign said. It also added that Brnovich still had “multiple ongoing investigations regarding the integrity of the 2020 election.”

Shortly after the 2020 election, Brnovich said there was no evidence of an election conspiracy and “there are no facts that would lead anyone to believe that the election results will change.”

Yet, as he courted Trump’s endorsement for the Senate race, he conducted a review of the election. It ultimately found no proof of fraud that would have changed the results.

Multiple investigations in Arizona, including a widely-criticized Republican review in the state’s largest county, also found no evidence of major electoral fraud.

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