Mark Consuelos: How Kelly Ripa's Husband Became Oprah's Go-To Guy

MARK Consuelos - Kelly Ripa's quiet other half - hasn't a clue how he ended up as the lone guy on what has become Oprah Winfrey's answer to "The View."

But, suddenly, the soap star is smack in the middle of daytime TV - just like his wife.

"I really have no idea why they picked me" to be part of "Fridays Live," the daytime queen's Friday panel edition of her show, he says. "I'm sorry for being vague, but it's really about as much as I know."

It may have something to do with the fact that Oprah, um, likes him.

"Our producers thought Mark provided the energetic male counterpoint we were looking for in our 'Fridays Live' panel," a spokesman for Oprah's show said in a prepared statement when asked why Consuelos had been picked.