Mark Consuelos Opens Up About The First Time He Laid Eyes On Kelly Ripa

Mark Consuelos Didn't Think He Had A Chance With Kelly Ripa

Mark Consuelos can remember the exact moment he first came into contact with his wife Kelly Ripa, but, as it turns out, getting a date with her wasn't the first thing running through his mind.

He was auditioning for a role on "All My Children" and screen testing alongside series regular Ripa. In an interview with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, he recounted that he remembered predominantly "being really concerned about getting the job."

He also was convinced that the longtime "Live!" co-host would never be interested in him.

"I thought she was adorable, hot and sexy and all that stuff," he recalled. "But I was very focused -- I didn't really think I had a chance with her, so I wasn't really focused on that."

Sure enough, the "Alpha House" actor got cast in the show, where he then went on to play Ripa's onscreen lover.

"We became friends really quickly after that," he said.

And, as we all know, the rest is history.

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