Mark Cuban: 'I Hate The Spurs'

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has never shied away from the spotlight. Whether he is in the news because he's interested in buying a baseball team, or because he is being slammed through a table, the outspoken owner frequently finds himself at the center of attention.

Cuban's Mavericks are currently facing their arch-rivals, the San Antonio Spurs, in the NBA playoffs, and Dallas holds a 1-0 series lead. Yesterday, Cuban added more fuel to the fire. reports that Cuban says he "hates" his in-state rivals. "No, I mean I hate the Spurs," the Mavericks owner said. "I have a hard time being civil to [Spurs owner] Peter Holt at the board of governors meetings and he has a hard time being civil to me even though we both like each other. It's what it represents."

The teams will have a chance to further the bitter feelings on the court. The Mavs and Spurs face off at 9:30 PM ET.