Mark Cuban: 'National Anthem Police Are Out Of Control'

The Dallas Mavericks owner said people who don't want athletes kneeling before the flag should instead ask their bosses why they don’t play the national anthem every day before starting work.

Mark Cuban thinks debates over athletes kneeling during the national anthem at sporting events have gotten out of control.

The Dallas Mavericks “governor” (the term he prefers to “owner”) voiced his opinion about the topic in response to a tweet from a local talk show host who was looking forward to NBA games starting again July 30 ― but not if politics were involved.

“The minute one player kneels during the anthem, I am out,” Mark Davis tweeted to Cuban, asking him to “lead the way” for the NBA players “to do whatever gesture they wish without insulting the nation.”

Cuban obviously wasn’t in the mood to deal with the threat based on this testy response:

As professional sports leagues prepare to start their seasons after coronavirus-related delays, debate over athletes kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice have resurfaced. Some critics have attempted to claim the protests are anti-military.

In June, Cuban said he would support players who kneeled during the anthem.

“If they were taking a knee and they were being respectful, I’d be proud of them,” he told ESPN. “Hopefully I’d join them.”

Cuban’s clapback got support from “Westworld” actor Jeffrey Wright, who had some ideas of his own.

Former talk show host Montel Williams also pointed out that kneeling is both a method of protest and respect.

However, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) responded that what Cuban was sarcastically suggesting was actual reality in Washington, D.C.

But at least one group called out Cruz on that.

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