Mark Ditka DUI: Son Of Former Chicago Bears Coach Faces Drunk Driving Charge

In what appears to be his fourth DUI arrest, Mark Ditka, son of former Bears coach Mike Ditka was arrested early Sunday after allegedly driving erratically in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield near his home.

According to WGN, Ditka was charged with an aggravated DUI and possessing a controlled substance after cops found a bottle of Hydrocodone pills, an opiate requiring a prescription, in his car.

Ditka was also driving with a suspended license and no insurance, according to the Chicago Tribune. He refused a breath alcohol and a blood test.

Ditka was released after posting his $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in November.

In September of last year, Ditka was charged with a DUI, the Chicago Tribune reports, for having a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit, but the results were thrown out due to chewing tobacco possibly contributing to the high number. In two previous cases he was found not guilty and charges were lowered.

Mark is not the only Ditka to have trouble with DUIs. Brother Michael Ditka has been arrested for drunk driving several times. After a DUI in April 2011, Michael Ditka claimed he was targeted because of his family name.

The Ditka patriarch, however, takes a more business-like approach to booze: he relaunched his wine label with football-themed blends earlier this year.

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