Mark Duplass & Chris Messina: The Busiest Actors In Hollywood?

It's the classic dilemma: You're at the movie theater with your significant other and the two of you can't agree on what to see. "I want to see the movie with Mark Duplass," you've never said yet. "But, no, I want to see the movie with Chris Messina," your partner has never said yet, either. An even bigger problem: Neither of you can remember which actor was in which movie. And it's all very confusing, because between the two of them, they are in almost every movie. What to do?

Well, if this scenario represents you, which it doesn't, we've constructed this guide to get you through your next trip to the multiplex.

[NOTE: We want to make it clear that we like both of these extremely busy actors very much. And don't even get us started on their television projects ...]