Mark Fulk, Accused Naked Intruder, Called 911 On Himself During Attack

A naked man who broke into a Chesapeake, Va., home made things more efficient for law enforcement officials when he called 911 on himself.

Mark Fulk, 21, allegedly burst into the home of Jim and Helen Hardee on Wednesday morning wearing only a skimpy towel.

Then, police say, he dropped the towel, picked up a knife, and threatened the couple, reported.

The sight of a naked man suddenly appearing in one's house is unusual, but Helen Hardee said Fulk didn't seem threatening at first.

“He says, ‘I’m in trouble and I need some help,’” Hardee told WTKR-TV.

The suspect asked to use the phone and then called 911, only to be frustrated by the operators.

“Evidently they asked your address and your name and everything, he was dissatisfied so he threw the phone,” Jim Hardee told the station.

Fulk then allegedly picked up a knife and threatened the couple.

“... he said he was going to kill us both,” Jim Hardee told WTVR-TV. “At one point, he said 'we’re all three gonna die here.'”

However, when police showed up, Fulk just walked right out of the house as if nothing was wrong, according to the station.

Fulk was charged with breaking and entering, indecent exposure and other counts and is currently in a Chesapeake jail.

Fulk isn't the only man accused of strange behavior while naked.

Earlier this month, police in Vancouver, B.C., arrested a 30-year-old naked man who allegedly broke into a home in order to fry up some eggs.

In January, naked carnival worker Gregory Matthew Bruni, 21, allegedly climbed on to the roof of a home in North Fort Myers, Fla., and then broke into the home. He allegedly assaulted one of the homeowners, trashed the house and then defecated and masturbated inside it.

Also in January (and also in Florida): Jeffrey Delice was arrested for breaking into a home, and allegedly attempting to choke a pet dog and bite the residents.



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