Mark Gurman, 18-Year-Old Blogger, Predicts Apple's Biggest Secrets

Apple is famous for keeping its secrets under wraps. Not a single word got out during two and a half years of development before the launch of the iPhone, which is why it's so surprising that 18-year-old Mark Gurman seems to have cracked the company's code. Gurman, who will be attending the University of Michigan this fall, is the Senior Editor at 9to5Mac.com. In the past month, he's written eight blog posts with predictions about Apple's unreleased series of revamped products and upgrades.

Last week at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) -- a meeting at which the company reveals their new developments -- CNN noted that Gurman's predictions were right seven out of eight times. And the eighth prediction may eventually be proven true. It's an impressive feat, especially considering Apple's extreme policy of silence.

Although Gurman can rattle off Apple's biggest secrets, he remains elusive about his own: Where does he get information? According to Seth Weintraub, the creator of 9to5Mac, the majority of his information comes from scouring Apple's published documents for tips and investigating Apple's developers and suppliers. He also has some sources within Apple itself.

Teens obsessed with Apple have made the news before, but not always in such a positive light. This spring, a Chinese high school student named Xiao Zheng underwent surgery to trade his kidney for a new Apple laptop and iPad. And last year, a business-savvy New York teen made $130,000 from selling white iPhone panels to mimic the appearance of the white iPhone months before its release -- until he was sued by Apple.

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