Mark Haines Makes Sexist Comment On CNBC, Refuses To Apologize (VIDEO)

CNBC anchor Mark Haines made a sexist comment towards Erin Burnett Thursday (via SportsGrid).

Update Below

In a discussion of the blown call during Wednesday night's almost-perfect-game, Burnett argued that the umpire and pitcher's "graciousness" were so "beautiful" that it made for a "more memorable moment" than a perfect game would have.

"See, this is why women aren't in charge of sports," Haines shot back.

A shocked Burnett then transitioned to a panel, while making a joke about punching Haines and turning CNBC into the UFC.



UPDATE: Friday morning, Haines was called out by a guest but refused to apologize for his comments Thursday (via BusinessInsider).

"I find [your comments] to be quite objectionable," frequent CNBC guest Gordon Charlop told Haines. "Perhaps if that woman had been an umpire there, they might not have had the problem in the first place. I think you owe Ms. Burnett an apology right here, right now."

"That was a joke," Haines said, but he did not apologize, instead suggesting he and Burnett arm wrestle to settle who is right.