Mark Halperin and ABC News: How the Refs are Worked

ABC News political director Mark Halperin has embarked on the most shameless self-publicity campaign I've ever seen to sell his co-authored love letter to Karl Rove titled The Way to Win. (Before the campaign began, I stupidly contributed to it here.) Part of the campaign involves plugging the book every day for three weeks straight on ABC's The Note -- to a degree, I'm guessing, no ABC employee (or employee for any genuine news organization for that matter) has ever exploited the company before for personal gain. (If anyone wants to collect all of the plugs in a row to prove my point, I'll happily run them here.) A second more worrisome track, however, has been to travel through the right-wing media and basically suck up to them, promising to do what he can in his capacity as ABC's acting political commissar to "to make sure we do better, so conservatives don't have to be concerned" (here). Never mind that even the craziest conservatives admit that the idea is nonsense.

Read the whole Altercation here.