Mark Halperin Blows Obama VP Story, Then Covers It Up

Mark Halperin Blows Obama VP Story, Then Covers It Up

Hey, kids! Late yesterday evening, Mark Halperin, who writes "The Page" for Time Magazine - which is like a comic book, full of listicles for children - had up on "The Page" a post that, in his Halperin-y way, suggested or spitballed that Obama had chosen his Veep, and that Veep was Dick Lugar. It was titled "Hoosier Values" and read:

What is Barack Obama looking for in a running mate?

Obama tells TIME he wants someone who is "not about ego, self-aggrandizement, getting their name in the press" and tells CBS News he wants someone he would "feel comfortable with."

Obama at Saddleback: "There are people like ... Dick Lugar, a Republican, who I'd listen to on foreign policy."

On CNN this past Sunday: BLITZER: "Do you agree with Senator Lieberman that Senator Obama has not put the country first?"

LUGAR: "No. I think that was clearly a partisan statement at a rally. I respect everybody their opinions in a political campaign, but that's all that was."

To see what the future could look like, click here. [The link led to a photo of Lugar and Obama.]

Dick Lugar, of course, has endorsed John McCain for President. A brief amount of time passed, and then Halperin took the confounding post down, and there has been no mention of it since then. No update, no correction.

As long as Halperin is pulling the stupid stuff down off of his website, why not continue and pull this silliness down also? It's really hard to believe that a grown up wrote this, or that a room full of grown ups said, "Hey, let's actually pay for this." I find it hard to believe that a grown up would even read it, but I did, and now LOOK! Grey matter is dribbling out of my nose and now everything is going black and swoony. Damn you, Mark Halperin.

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