Mark Halperin Won't Defend The 'Permanent Bailout' Talking Point (VIDEO)

Mark Halperin Won't Defend The 'Permanent Bailout' Talking Point (VIDEO)

I'm very pleased to be able to say this for once: Give it up for Mark Halperin, y'all!

Yesterday, I noted how a dominant GOP talking point, alleging that the financial regulatory reform bill amounted to a "permanent Wall Street bailout," had been hardly challenged by the media. As I said, the simple truth is that "every single adult who reported those claims understood full well that this particular talking point was dreamed up by GOP pollster Frank Luntz, and every single adult who knew what that meant knew full well that this meant that the "permanent bailout" talk was nothing more than a lie engineered to win elections."

As Greg Sargent reports today, it was Mark Halperin who finally took up the task of "aggressively call[ing] out one party for lying." Got to give the man credit. It all went down on today's iteration of "Morning Joe":


SCARBOROUGH: Just this once, defend the Republican position.

HALPERIN: I cannot defend what they're doing.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, please.

SCARBOROUGH: Look at you! Look at you!


HALPERIN: They are willfully misreading the bill or they are engaged in a cynical attempt to keep the president from achieving something.

Seriously, media, I think it's now perfectly okay to stop acting as if you cannot figure out what's going on with this "permanent bailout" claim, don't you?

Halperin Takes A Stand [The Plum Line]

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