Luke Skywalker Actor Mark Hamill Selling Signed 'Star Wars' Posters For Ukraine's Drones

May the Force be with Ukraine.

Luke Skywalker aka Mark Hamill is about to sell a limited number of autographed “Star Wars” posters to raise funds to maintain Ukraine’s drone operation in the nation’s “inspirational” fight against the Russian military, the actor told Politico.

The sale is expected to start next week ahead of the Feb. 24 one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, just as Russia is planning a major new offensive.

It’s “not something” he typically does, Hamill told Politico Friday, but he’s eager to pitch in now to support Ukraine, whose fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invading army is “nothing short of inspirational,” he said.

Details of the poster sale haven’t yet been worked out. It may involve “hundreds of thousands” of interested people participating in an auction or some kind of competition, said Hamill.

Hamill told Politico that a message of “Star Wars” is to do the “right thing for the good of everyone, rather than being all about self-interest.”

But he warned that comparing “Star Wars” to the actual war with Russia shouldn’t trivialize “the true horrors of what Ukrainians face.”

“One is really a fairy tale for children, originally that’s what Star Wars was,” he noted. “And the reality, the stark reality of what’s going on in Ukraine, is harrowing.”

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