Mark Hamill Stops Short Of Pulling Cruel Donald Trump-Themed April Fools' Prank

The "Star Wars" actor said he "didn't want it to go to waste" and shared the joke later in the day.

Mark Hamill said he came this close to playing a cruel, President Donald Trump-themed prank on April Fools’ Day.

But the “Star Wars” actor said he ultimately decided not to tweet a spoof screenshot of a news report saying Trump had resigned, so he posted it on Twitter later in the evening on Wednesday instead.

“I downloaded this headline yesterday before I decided not to participate in #AprilFoolsDay but didn’t want it to go to waste,” he tweeted.

In an earlier tweet, Hamill explained why he believed April Fools’ ― which saw a dearth of pranks this year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic ― is “our worst ‘holiday.’”

“It encourages lying for fun, gives people a pass on mean pranks at the expense of others & there’s no coloring of eggs or exchange of gifts or candy whatsoever,” wrote Hamill, a fierce critic of Trump and his administration’s haphazard handling of the public health crisis.

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